Monday, February 13, 2006


Monday Madness - McAleese's remarks are a disgrace

Support Denmark I've been disgusted at the hostility shown by certain members of the Islamic faith towards Denmark and the Danish people. We've all seen the images of Danish flags being burned and Danish embassies being attacked and certain countries like Syria and Iran have been stirring up hate.

It's not even safe to be Danish in certain countries. It's ridiculous.The Danes have gotten a raw deal without a doubt. This controversy is bullshit in my opinion and if you want to know the views of United Irelander on this matter, observe this post's image and the image on my sidebar.

Imagine then my surprise and outright disgust to learn that Irish President Mary McAleese, the woman supposed to represent myself and the Irish people, has actually come out and CONDEMNED the publication of the cartoons in question! Said the President:

"We abhor the publication of those provocative cartoons, they were designed to provoke, they were designed to be rude, they were designed to inflame. They did all of those things."

Her comments are atrocious. Who the hell are this 'We' you refer to, Mary? How dare you tar all Irish people with your sad and pathetic views!

I for one completely support the publication of these cartoons because I believe in freedom of speech. I am not a Muslim and have no desire to live my life based on Muslim laws. I have no problem personally with people poking fun at religion. I am a Catholic and my religion has been made fun of numerous times.

I am utterly disgusted therefore at President McAleese. She should have kept her nose out of such a political matter because she sure as hell doesn't reflect MY views on the cartoon controversy. I can't believe she has been allowed make remarks on such an overtly political topic.

You let us down, Mary
She does not speak for me!

I'd like to draw your attention towards this letter from the Irish Examiner by Sean de Paor from Cork who wrote:

"Why are Irish diplomats allowed to remain in countries where the Danish flag has been burnt?

"In this instance, their flag is our flag and there can be no tolerance of such intolerance."

Now I DO agree with Mr de Paor. The Danish people are a friendly people and should not have to suffer such hate and vitriol purely because an independent newspaper published some cartoons - which were not all that insulting anyway in my opinion. It's a real shame then that my country's President has sided with those who oppose freedom of speech.

There's an excellent article in the Irish Examiner by Ryle Dwyer, which you can read here, where he explains how during World War 2, the Danish king did not go along with the Nazi ideology and how as a result, the Jews in Denmark were not forced to wear the yellow Star of David. It's a fascinating article and I urge you to read it. I would certainly urge President McAleese to read it.

The President has got in trouble before for comments she has made. In the past I have defended her and I watched in horror and dismay as she apologised for her analogy which compared the harsh treatment of nationalists by unionists to that of the Jews under the Nazis. I was disgusted as she caved into pressure from Paisley and Trimble, two guys who have insulted my State several times.

In this instance an apology would be warranted. An apology to the Irish people such as myself who have been portrayed as being hostile towards freedom of speech, an apology to the Danish people who have been let down by these deplorable comments and last but by no means least, an apology to the free world which has seen the Head of State of a free country spit in the very face of freedom.

This is a dark day for Ireland and the President has brought great shame on this nation. Shame on her.


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