Saturday, February 11, 2006


Penny for your thoughts

I miss the penny United Irelander has been getting a great number of visitors of late. January saw United Irelander get its greatest number of visits in a month and this past Wednesday saw the site get its highest rating of the year.

Incidentally, if you like what you see here you can give this little oul' place a vote in the Irish Blog Awards by following the link in the top left of your screen. (I had to get that cheap plug out of the way)

With all that being said, I feel there's always room for improvement and I've been looking into ways to improve this site. For one thing, I've been mulling over the idea of having a podcast (everyone seems to be doing one these days). I've also started trying out some photoshop efforts in recent days, which admittedly need alot of work!

I like to think this place is fairly interactive so I'd like to ask you, the visitor, what you would personally like to see from this place to make it better. Whether it's more posts on a certain theme, a podcast, you name it.

I hereby hand the floor over to you dear reader...


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