Sunday, February 12, 2006


British soldiers abuse Iraqi youths

Iraqi youths were viciously beaten There will be hell to pay over this.

The News of the World has published pictures from a video the newspaper says was shot in southern Iraq in 2004 which depicts British troops viciously beating up Iraqi youths.

On the tape, described as a "secret home video", an unidentified cameraman is heard laughing and urging his colleagues on. It was apparently filmed for fun by a corporal.

Soldiers are shown chasing youths involved in the disturbance, dragging four of them into the compound and beating them on various parts of the body with batons and kicking them, one in the genitals.

The recording is said to show an attack lasting a minute, with 42 blows counted.

The News of the World said a soldier could also be seen kicking a dead Iraqi in the face.

British PM Tony Blair has said claims of abuse by soldiers "will be investigated" and said the "overwhelming majority" of troops in Iraq "behave properly" and do a "great job for our country and for the wider world".

Home Office minister Andy Burnham told the BBC: "The pictures are shocking and that's why I think the MoD are right and I'm pleased that they've said they'll carry out a full in depth and very quick investigation.

"That's what needs to be done so that people can have, we can find out the facts and we can make sure that if there is serious wrongdoing then there's appropriate action taken."

The News of the World claims it has established the soldiers involved were British, but would not disclose which unit or regiment were allegedly involved.

It said it has made exhaustive checks to establish the video's authenticity after obtaining the footage from a whistleblower, who they declined to identify.

Managing editor Stuart Kuttner said: "We've made enquires of the source, of people around the source, of military experts, of the Ministry of Defence and beyond.

"Given that there was a slip-up by a newspaper some time ago, we've satisfied ourselves that this was an absolutely genuine article."

I have watched this video for myself and I must say I found it shocking. The guy filming the footage seems to be positively orgasmic about the beating that ensues, which was without a doubt brutal.

This will certainly damage the standing of the British Army in Iraq.

You can watch the footage for yourself here. (Note - This footage is tough to watch)


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