Tuesday, February 14, 2006


The EU Constitution - It hasn't gone away you know

Say no to the despots! I'm a bit late with this story but better late than never I guess.

I've learned, courtesy of Red Rover, that my fears over the EU Constitution have come true. It's not dead. On the contrary, it's still very much alive.

Last Wednesday saw Belgium, home of the EU tyrants, move closer to becoming the 14th EU country to ratify the EU constitution, after deputies of the northern Flemish region on Wednesday (8 February) approved the charter.

The consent of the Flemish parliament represented the last hurdle for the federal state of Belgium to formally ratify the text.

The constitutional treaty was endorsed by a large majority of 84 Flemish MPs voting in favour, 29 voting against and one MP abstaining.

How very apt that the last hurdle was overcome by the Flemish. I must say this news makes my throat feel very flemish indeed.

UK anti-democrat liberal MEP Andrew Duff, author of a European Parliament report aimed at reviving the charter, stated according to AFP "Now the constitution has been ratified by 14 member states representing a majority of the citizens of the Union."

Sorry Andrew, but that's horseshit. We don't have an EU Superstate - not yet, anyway - and so all this talk of a 'majority of the citizens of the Union' is irrelevant garbage.

As well as that, Pat Cox, the proud European and former president of the European Parliament currently leading the European Movement International, indicated "By ratifiying the constitution today, the Flemish and Belgian authorities send a strong signal that for them the constitution is not dead and that Europe needs to implement the main improvements it would bring in order to function in the Union of 25."

Hang your head in shame, Mr Cox. Your contempt for democracy sickens me.

Sadly it's not just the Belgians who have stuck two fingers up at democracy, Estonian parliamentarians kicked off a second reading of the constitution in parliament.

"With this ratification process we are showing other EU member states that the constitution is needed by the EU," Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet told AFP.

The head of the Estonian parliament’s constitutional affairs committee Urmas Reinsalu said he expected MPs to ratify the treaty early next year.

"We wish to indicate to the 10 or so countries which are still hesitating on the treaty to take positive action too," Mr Reinsalu was quoted as saying.

I feel there's a certain irony for a country like Estonia, which has in the past been part of a tight Union that did not respect Estonian democracy, to now be openly advocating another tight Union which does not respect democracy.

Suffice to say the comments from these Estonian ministers are beneath contempt.

I must say that I am disgusted at these events. One has only to read United Irelander's sidebar to discover my views on the EU Constitution. The second Nice Treaty vote in Ireland was a slap in the face to democracy and so too is the desire for the EU to continue with plans for the EU Constitution that two EU countries have so far rejected! What about when we were told that one rejection would mean the end of the document? That was another lie! They're not even going back to the drawing board for feck's sake. It is totally undemocratic and completely unacceptable!

Where he failed, the EU hope to succeed
Hitler would admire the EU

What we are witnessing is the beginning of the establishment of the European Superstate. It is clear however that the nation-state remains important to many EU countries and so we must continue to oppose these undemocratic despots from Brussels.

We in Ireland are lucky that our constitution requires a referendum on important matters like this. You can be sure that if Bertie and the boys could ratify the EU Constitution without a referendum, they would do so.

I have a very bad feeling about this EU Constitution. It could quite easily lead to an outbreak of violence in my opinion judging by the contempt shown to democracy from the Brussels bureaucrats.

The people of Ireland, and indeed the other EU states who have a chance to defeat this constitution, need to remain vigilant and ensure that this Superstate blueprint is consigned to the scrapheap of history.

The despotic EU scumbags cannot, must not and will not defeat democracy!


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