Wednesday, January 04, 2006


'What If'? Wednesday - Plan B

Any plans lads?There is no 'Plan B' available if power-sharing is not restored in the North during 2006, the Government claimed today.

Foreign Affairs Minister Dermot Ahern warned political parties that the time had come to decide whether they want to work together in a devolved government in the coming months.

He said that dragging negotiations on the issue into 2007 would create separate difficulties for the British and Irish governments.

"There is no Plan B. We don't countenance failure in this because we were very close to it back in December 2004," Mr Ahern said today.

"But we see 2006 as the window of opportunity because of the fact that once you turn into 2007 you will be in election mode in the Republic in the first half of the year and also the political instability in the UK.

"Everyone would agree that 2007 may very well be a difficult year in the UK. So both governments are absolutely adamant that 2006 is the time when the politicians of Northern Ireland have to decide for themselves whether they want to work in partnership in a devolved government."

At least this guy had a Plan B
Always have a plan B!

Mr Ahern added that an assembly and executive needed to be set up to deal with the bread-and-butter issues that affect every person in the North.

Isn't it reassuring to know that our politicians have absolutely no back-up plan in case their efforts fail? That puts my mind at ease for sure!

How does the rest of that saying go? 'Failing to plan is...'? Oh well, never mind.

I think it's still important to ask the following question though, even if our politicans won't answer it, which is...

What if power sharing isn't restored in the North? What should be the Plan B in such a scenario?

Your thoughts?


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