Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Iraq vigil set for Shannon (yawn)

We miss Saddam! Having had a good Christmas in which they probably received a new bong from Santa Claus, the Irish anti-war protesters have gone back to their favourite pursuit - an anti-war demonstration.

This time it takes the form of an
evening vigil which will take place at Shannon airport this weekend (the popular shrine for these largely anti-American protesters) and is apparently in memory of the thousands of people killed in the war in Iraq. No doubt the emphasis will be placed on the unfortunate souls who died at the hands of the Allies rather than the unfortunate souls who died at the hands of insurgent scum. Hey, fair is fair right?!

The event has been organised by Na Cosantoiri Siochana who, in a shameful move, plan to show the Shannon premier of a drama documenting the trials of Mary Kelly, who attacked a US cargo plane in the airfield at Shannon on Feburuary 3, 2003. Why people would want to watch a film which will apparently glorify criminal activity is a mystery to me!

Perennial whingers
Damn America and their precious democracy!

According to a spokesman for Na Cosantori Siochana, this weekend's evening vigil is open to all. He didn't specify whether you bring your own American flags or not. The spokeman added...

"After three years of campaigning, the situation at Shannon Airport seems to be worse as 2005 has become a record year for US troop movements on their way to theatres of war in Iraq and Afghanistan."

No mention at all made of the people in Iraq who recently took part in democratic elections. Likewise, no mention made of the fact that a recent survey taken in Iraq of the Iraqi people found most people of the view that the Iraqi government was doing a good job. Why let facts get in the way of a chance to whinge though, eh?

"We of Na Cosantoiri Siochana demand that Bertie Ahern realise the expectations of the 150,000 people who marched for peace on the February 15, 2003 by stopping the US Military and CIA use of Shannon Airport in their war crimes."

I think Na Cosantoiri Siochana should take a look at the most recent census figures because sadly for these headcases, there's a hell of alot more people in this country than 150,000!

I have two questions for these guys:

1. Do you have a democratic mandate to make important decisions like the mandate held by the democratically elected Taoiseach?

2. Where were you guys when Saddam Hussein was busy murdering his own people and running sham elections where he was polling 100% support? Where were all your vigils then?

These anti-war protesters are a joke. Find a new hobby guys!


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