Monday, January 02, 2006


Ireland's greatest man returns!

I'm number 1 baby!This is my first post of 2006 and I've received a welcome bit of news courtesy of the poll I left up on my sidebar over the holidays. Thanks to 26% of the vote, I'm officially the greatest Irishman of all time beating out stiff competition from Bosco and that bloke from The Corrs who each polled 17%. Hard luck, guys.

First off, I hope you all had an enjoyable New Year's Eve. Mine was OK despite the presence of Ryan Tubridy on my TV screen. I really wish the BBC would stop poaching our best presenters. They're leaving us with a motley bunch made up of boring planks, smarmy twats and a transvestite. Anyway...

On a lighter note I must say I am looking forward to 2006, though I was disappointed to discover that Caoimhe, owner of The Blog and I, has decided to end her blog. The Irish blogosphere presses on however and with this being my first post of 2006, I figured it would be wise to highlight what you can all expect from United Irelander this year.

Well, I'll be developing a much more mellow style and I will be ignoring the issue of Irish politics altogether. NOT! Got some of your hopes up there I'm sure but in 2006 I will continue to be as frank and honest about Irish political matters as I always have been. If I rub certain people the wrong way with my views, that's just too damn bad for them! As far as I'm aware freedom of speech is just about still intact in this country and I am an equal opportunity insulter! I look forward to challenging Irish nationalists, unionists, the bleeding heart brigade and many many more!

As for United Irelander's content, I reiterate once more that this is an Irish nationalist blog so you can expect continued focus on the noble aim of reuniting the island of Ireland and ending partition. This blog will continue to be orientated towards Irish politics and what's in the news here in Ireland but it will also still focus on issues relating to the world as a whole as well as light-hearted issues. As for differences this year, expect more of a focus on events from Ireland's past because let's face it when it comes to Ireland, the more things change the more they stay the same.

I hope to make United Irelander a blog of note in 2006 and as we begin this year, the aim of this blog is the same as when I started up at the end of 2004 - to prove interesting and thought-provoking and to hopefuly challenge common perceptions on matters pertaining to Ireland.

Comments which some of you left over the Christmas period have now been published and commenting is back to normal here on United Irelander.

I hope 2006 proves a great year for one and all. Cheers.


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