Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Steven Gerrard - Accident prone

Hurting people and winning stuff is fun! I'd like to talk about football for a minute and how nice it was to see Bolton Manager Sam Allardyce slam Steven Gerrard over his 'tackle' on Kevin Nolan in last night's game, when Gerrard appeared to stamp on the player.

The incident occurred during Monday's 2-2 draw at Bolton's Reebok Stadium.

"It is serious foul play. The incidents are plain, clear and obvious," said the Bolton manager.

"Gerrard stamped on Nolan and Sissoko stamped on Diouf. Both should have been sent off."

Gerrard however has denied the accusation.

"It was a complete accident. I am mates with Kevin Nolan so why would I ever try to deliberately hurt him?" he said.

Yeah Steven, I mean it's not like you to stamp on players is it? But wait. Remember
this incident? When you lunged at Everton's Gary Naysmith in a Merseyside derby a little over three seasons ago?

Gerrard seen accidentally falling on Naysmith
Oh no I've accidentally fallen on Naysmith!

It doesn't look like anything will happen to Gerrard sadly since Nolan himself has
defended his fellow scouser. Nothing would have happened anyway though in my opinion since the FA tend to look favourably on their own English players. Former players like Alan Shearer tend to get preferential treatment as well.

If Roy Keane had done what Gerrard did last night whilst playing for Manchester United there would have been uproar. Seeing as Gerrard is one of England's darlings, I bet there won't be another word said about this incident. In my view the FA should at least warn the Liverpool captain.

Gerrard is massively overrated anyway. Keane always had him in his pocket whenever the two clashed and the guy has a rash aspect to his character that could cost England dearly in this year's World Cup.

He's a dirty player!


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