Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Dieting women and their secret stash

James Tapsfield of the Irish Examiner has written an article in relation to research published Monday which found that millions of dieting women secretly stash snacks under the bed, in wardrobes, and even in the bathroom.

The confessions are revealed in a survey of more than 1,100 women carried out for British weight loss magazine LighterLife.

Nearly a third of these women also admit preferring unhealthy treats to a night of passion. (Irish women wouldn't say that I'm sure...)

The poll found that nearly one-in-five had hidden food or eaten secretly in a range of locations including a child’s bedroom, nearby woodland, the car, and even a school toilet. A quarter of dieters then apparently lied to friends and family about what they had scoffed.

Women also felt their other halves did little to help in the battle against the bulge, with 15% claiming partners had tried to sabotage diets by encouraging them to eat something they shouldn’t (To be fair, if men got on the backs of these women they'd still complain).

Has your significant other got a stash?
Do you know where your snacks are?

Bar Hewlett, founder of LighterLife, said: "Our survey reveals the extent of British women’s desperation. There have been women who hide food in the washing machine, under the plastic bag inside a cereal packet and even up their sleeves."

This tells us two things about British women. Not only do they like food which makes them fat, they're greedy swines to boot.

How sad it is that these women feel the need to have a secret stash of food. The slogan, 'It's not Terry's, it's mine' apparently takes on a literal meaning for some women.

If you're a man and reading this and have noticed sweets or chocolate bars going missing around your home on occasion, then it might very well be a result of your partner having her own snack stash.

I advise that you confront these fat birds immediately and demand your snacks back! Or, alternatively, create your own stash. Whatever works for you...


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