Friday, December 23, 2005


Fun Irelander Feature - Irish greats poll

What a great flag!What the hell is going on over at Slugger O'Toole? Have Mick Fealty and Pete Baker hit the bottle? Have they been infiltrated by agents who want to turn the site into a laughing stock? The reason I ask is because I've checked Slugger O'Toole's list of nominees for their 'greatest Irish man or woman' poll and I have a bone to pick with them!

Now I know what you're thinking, my problem is the fact that women are listed. How dare you persist with that dirty rumour that I view women in a bad light! Of course women deserve to be mentioned! Women are great at alot of things. Cooking, cleaning, washing to name just a few things...

No, my problem relates to the actual nominees listed. They have included such 'greats' as...wait for it...Daniel O'Donnell. Daniel O'Donnell? Are most of Slugger's visitors old ladies or what? And why is Bono there?
Twenty Major won't like that. Mary Peters is there too. For what? I know she's a good tennis player and all but still...

Slugger also have a poll up on the greatest Ulsterman or woman but they don't have polls on any of the other provinces. Talk about bigotry. Why couldn't Mr Fealty do a poll on the greatest Connacht man or woman? He could have included such greats he could have done polls on great people from Munster and Leinster at least.

Mick Fealty, you have messed up. But not to worry! United Irelander will make everything right. You see Mick, your problem was allowing people to nominate. You need to understand that when it comes to polls like these, people cannot be trusted. Have the last few years of You're A Star and it's overall general crappiness taught you nothing? How have we done in the Eurovision Mr Fealty? Answer me that! As I say, people cannot be trusted - but I can.

That is why I have taken the liberty of creating a PROPER poll which will offer a far more accurate reflection of the REAL male and female Irish greats.

I urge United Irelander's visitors to vote in MY poll, which can be found if you scroll down the sidebar, to determine the greatest Irish man or woman.

As usual please use the comments section of this post to explain how you voted and why.

We'll show those boyos over at Slugger how you do a poll!


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