Friday, December 23, 2005


Love Bigotry!

Dirty Fenians! I'm pretty sure this is a United Irelander exclusive. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you...

Love Bigotry

Oh how I laughed! It's run by 'The Shankill Moaner'!

Here is their mission statement:

- Lovebigotry is a campaign for the unity of Ulster bigots.

- Lovebigotry calls for the democratic rights of the Nationalist / Republican / Marxist / Socialist / Sinn Fein / I.R.A / Taig / Fenian (O.K. - I'll stop now!) community to be neglected.

- Lovebigotry calls for end to equal rights to those evil catholics. We are the supreme race.

- Lovebigotry gives people a voice and encourages them to have their say, unless you’re a taig. In that case we’ll delete your posts from our forum.

- Lovebigotry is a peaceful and democratic initiative by a range of organisations across the province including the The Shankill Butchers, KKK, and King Billy Booze Bargain Basement.

It's hilarious! Check it out!


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