Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday - Bloggeresses

If there's one thing that I've learned from the recent feminism debate in Bloglaigh na hEireann, other than the fact that some Irish bloggers have a sense of humour worthy of Meg Ryan in that Parkinson interview, it's that I actually know a fair few female bloggers. In fact, I link to many of them in my sidebar. With that being the case, I thought to myself what better way to acknowledge that then to make a top ten list of my favourite female bloggers! Yeah that idea couldn't possibly go wrong. So, without further ado, I give you United Irelander's top ten bloggeresses:

Caoimhe - Caoimhe was perhaps the first female blogger to regularly stop by United Irelander. Long time visitors to this blog will be aware that it was a testosterone-fueled place for a long time. Caoimhe's presence on the site was welcome and she happens to run a very good blog herself. She is also one of the few Irish bloggers to appear on TV.

Emma - As I touched on above, women were hard to come by on this blog a few months ago. Now you would think that a charming blogger like myself would have legions of adoring females hanging around the place but a few short months ago this place was a total sausage fest. I'm telling you the ladies were nowhere to be found. I felt like the average Corkman in a room full of beautiful women - isolated. Then Emma came along and added a female touch to the blog and she happens to be a very good writer herself. Her husband William is a welcome visitor to this place also so my choice should please two people!

3. Jo - Jo runs
JoBlog and there's always interesting posts to be found there. She hasn't been blogging long but she's made a pretty big impact in her short time blogging. You have to respect a blogger who likes to post sexy pictures from time to time!

4. Fence - I recently came across Fence's blog
Pretty Cunning and I've been a regular visitor since then. She has very interesting content and I like her word association posts though the fact I associated 'carrying' with 'bags' is a bit worrying I have to say. Fence enjoys a bit of banter and isn't easily offended which is what I like in a woman!

5. Fi - Fi runs the blog
Trixibell which I enjoy reading because it's not as gloomy and depressing as other blogs. I like the colour scheme too. It's always worth a visit if you're feeling down and Fi is one of the nicer bloggers out there.

6. Sinead - Sinead runs
Sigla and we started off on the wrong foot over something I said (surprise, surprise!). I can't remember what it was but I think I described her blog as glitzy or something. Anyway I have since become a regular visitor to her blog which is well worth a vist and she shares alot of my views on football which I also like in a woman!

7. Carrie - Carrie runs
The Broom aka Broom of Anger and has been blogging for some time. I've found alot of her posts enlightening and there's a freshness about her writing as she seems to offer a different perspective I find.

8. Auds - I recently came across Auds' blog
Reality Check and I've been impressed with the content. She writes from the heart and isn't afraid to be honest which I respect.

Redmum - As I understand it this blogger recently gained the opportunity to write a newspaper column which doesn't happen that often. Fair play to her. I wish her well. I say that even though the only comment on United Irelander I can recall from her was in relation to my post on the feminism 'catfight' : "Oh and let me know when your balls drop as I am sure there are any number of people who would kick them back up for you." I like her moxy!

Fiona at Mental Meanderings - Now some will question me putting one of my most vociferous critics in this list but I say to them that I need to fill this li...uh I mean I say to them that she deserves her place! No, in all seriousness, if I fell out with everyone I disagreed then with no one would visit this blog! I'm man enough (no offence intended) to say that I think she has a good blog and I would urge others to give it a read.

So there you have it. My top ten female bloggers or 'bloggeresses'. Now I know some of the ladies might be offended at where they stand but I say to them that positions can rise and fall! Let the debating/catfighting/mud wrestling/ (insert as required) commence!

Also feel free to recommend some more female bloggers who are worth checking out.


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