Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Ian Brown forced off stage

Oh those bold boys from Belfast!

I see former Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown was forced off stage after fans started throwing bottles during one of his shows in Belfast.

The show started well, with Brown paying tribute to footballer George Best, who passed away recently. However, during one of Brown's numbers - 'Dolphins Were Monkeys' - there were a number of technical problems and the artist had to stop the song and start again.

A member of the audience then threw a bottle onto the stage in frustration, causing a volley of plastic bottles and cups to be thrown. Brown stormed off stage while crew fought to mop up and save the equipment.

Ian Brown returned much later in the night, and apparently he does not believe that this audience represent his fans in the North.

I hope you're right Ian although it sounds to me like you got the fear! (music fans will get it)

I happen to like Ian Brown but I guess the Belfast crowds are hard to please!


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