Monday, December 12, 2005


Iraqi people optimistic about life - survey

Well, well, well! Here is a bit of news that will be positively devastating for the loony lefties who opposed the Iraq war!

Get this - a survey carried out by the BBC and other media suggests Iraqis are generally optimistic about their lives, in spite of the violence that has plagued Iraq since the US-led invasion!

A majority of the 1,700 people questioned wanted a united Iraq with a strong central government.

The poll by Oxford Research International was commissioned by the BBC, ABC News and other international media organisations, and released ahead of this week's parliamentary elections in Iraq.

The BBC News website's World Affairs correspondent, Paul Reynolds, says the survey shows a degree of optimism at variance with the usual depiction of the country as one in total chaos.

The findings are more in line with the kind of arguments currently being deployed by US President George W Bush, he says.

Interviewers found that 71% of those questioned said things were currently very or quite good in their personal lives, while 29% found their lives very or quite bad.

When asked whether their lives would improve in the coming year, 64% said things would be better and 12% said they expected things to be worse.

While 53% feel the overall situation in Iraq is bad, 44% still feel it is good and more importantly, 69% expect Iraq to improve, while 11% say it will worsen.

My, my, my! I can't help thinking about those poor extremist anti-war types from organisations such as Peace Alliance who must be absolutely devastated by this poll! They have repeatedly told us what a disaster the situation in Iraq was and how troops needed to be pulled out ASAP! The Iraqi people were unhappy we were told!

Who would have guessed that the Iraqi people themselves would shatter these misguided views?!

Oh diddums!


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