Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Get ready Dublin cos here comes love

There's alot of love right now over on the Love Ulster site over the proposed loyalist march in Dublin. They're practically orgasmic! Here's what my favourite lovable scamp from the LU site, 'DV9', had to say:

"I can't wait to see the faces on the nationalists when the union-jacks and the ulster flags are flown."

I'll bet you can't wait!

What was the official reason given for the march in Dublin? Whatever it was I think DV9's views offer a more accurate reflection of the aims of the march.

Opinion seems split on this proposed parade between those who are angry and those who just couldn't be arsed over the issue. Perhaps those of us who are angry are being too critical though? Maybe it will prove an enjoyable parade for all the family? What do I know? We might see scenes like the following:

Kid: Why are these people here in Dublin, Dad?

Father: Well son they're here to let the people of Dublin know that they don't want the people of Dublin involved in their lives.

Kid: Huh? I don't understand that. It doesn't seem to make sense.

Father: They're unionists, son. They don't function on logic like you and me.

Kid: But should we really have to put up with this?

Father: Hey just be happy they're not from Cork...


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