Monday, December 12, 2005


Last word on feminism spat

I dislike blogger spats. I was involved in a bit of a blogger spat last week with some bloggers over this post which was designed to be humorous. Most people got the humour of the post but others actually thought I was being serious for some reason. Anyway as I say I dislike blogger spats but there's one thing I dislike more than that - censorship.

On Mental Meanderings, a blog run by Fiona de Londras, she wrote this post in which she tore into me more viciously than a man tears into a pie cooked by his lovely housewife. That's all well and good but you see Fiona runs a blog in which comments have to be approved by her before they are published and for some reason she chose not to publish mine!

Good thing I write in wordpad though and that I have a habit of saving what I write. Here's my post in reply to 'london denizen' which Fiona chose not to publish (why I don't know):

london denizen

"When good satire goes wrong (if that's what it was intended to be), the best way to apologise is in an obvious, contrite manner. Not with some tongue in cheek half-arsed attempt."

I'm not going to apologise because certain people didn't get the humour of the post. From the comments on my blog, most people are bemused that Fiona took my comments literally.

You say that "often those who enjoy jokes they know they're not supposed to (e.g. racist jokes, sexist jokes, jokes about sexuality, jokes about nationality) use them in a supposedly 'satirical' context so they may enjoy their taboo laughs but still appear undiscriminatory" well likewise, often those who make jokes on supposedly taboo subjects do so because they have NO discriminatroy thoughts whatsoever!

I don't know how things are where you're from, but over here in Ireland we have been known to be able to take a joke and not get so serious all the time.

On my blog I have a few female visitors and I link to many blogs run by females and you may hear these females make jokes about me being a man and likewise I may make jokes about them being a woman but you see it's all done in JEST.

If that's not your kind of thing well, I guess I'll leave you to enjoy other PC blogs."

Now I'd like to say that I don't post this out of a desire to revive the spat but rather because I don't like to have my side of the argument suppressed.

I'm not rally a chauvinist or misogynist and I don't see why my side of the argument should be denied just because it challenges this lie.

Go raibh maith agat.


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