Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Surrender process?

Here's a letter in the News Letter from a very disgruntled unionist, T Jackson:

"THE present process is not a peace process. It is a surrender process. Surrender to the republican nightmare.

"I appeal to the News Letter to give it the right name in future, The Surrender Process. Every concession Blair gives them is another nail in the coffin of devolution.

"On-the-runs an amnesty, most troops to be withdrawn in the New Year, restorative justice has pleased Sinn Fein. The unionist community, in spite of being the majority community, has no say in their own security.

"A totally untenable position, unacceptable to the entire unionist community.

"The shocking state of law and order as the police reserve is phased out, again in opposition to the wishes of the majority unionist community, with rising crime levels following is another example of the antiunionist Blair tactics.

"Dr Paisley is right to refuse to partake in the Hain political meetings. Blair and Hain are unwelcome in unionist areas.

"Then we have Bertie Ahern saying there is no way Sinn Fein will get into power in the Republic, as the IRA has not disbanded. Yet the British Government expects unionists to have them in power. The Colombia Three, issue now forgotten, walk the streets of the Republic as free men! This is what the UUP has got for the unionist people of Ulster through their "negotiations". Total disaster for the unionist people!

"This is the result of the signing of the disastrous Belfast Agreement."

T Jackson

Alot of what T Jackson writes in relation to Republican 'concessions' mirrors what I myself have written on United Irelander over the last few weeks, however T Jackson is quite harsh in his or her sentiments towards Blair and Hain - "Blair and Hain are unwelcome in unionist areas". Are unionists really this angry at Tony Blair and Peter Hain? I can't say I'd blame them if they were but I've not seen evidence of unionist displeasure much in the media.

What I do object to from T Jackson is the old chestnut of the Colombia Three being brought up. This has nothing to do with Blair. It's an issue for the Irish Republic alone. I also disagree with blame being placed on the Good Friday Agreement and the UUP over unionism's current plight.

If unionists want to point the finger, point it at your 'fellow' Brits. They clearly want nothing to do with you!


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