Friday, November 18, 2005


Can you feel the love? Well, can you?

It always brightens up my day to read what those caring, lovable scamps over at Love Ulster have to say about the Irish people (sniff). Let's take a look at one comment which is dripping in love and good will from 'DV9' on a thread entitled 'United Ireland':

"All-Irish and all-Ireland situs can go and jump!....the republics media machine and future marketing can piss-off back home to their republic as far as i'm concerned, us people in N.Ireland do not want any part of your society and your government and people shouldn't want us protestants to side with you to defeat the British

"You kill our folk and then have the cheek to tell us that we should unite as one and that the British are wrong!"

While I am obviously touched by all this love (that goes without saying), I regret to say that I don't understand what the author means when he/she says that we in the Republic want protestants to side with us 'to defeat the British'.

Also, what folk have we in the Republic killed?

Perhaps I'm just lacking the necessary love to understand these things. (sigh)


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