Thursday, November 17, 2005


Is Ireland the greatest republic?

The Irish Examiner's Ronan Mullen has written a very good article about the recent rioting in France and the problems the French Republic faces. As Mullen states:

"Liberty, equality, fraternity: France fails test it set for rest of the world."

That other great historical bastion of republicanism, the United States of America, doesn't seem to be doing too well either. We all witnessed the poor, homeless African-American people in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina who, as the American administration has since acknowledged, were let down by the authorities.

Intolerance and discrimination seems to be rife at the moment within France and America respectively yet here in Ireland, we haven't had to deal with any serious problems as it relates to minorities.

I think we should give ourselves a pat on the back for that. We have a lovely little country that is run efficiently and effectively, whilst maintaining the core values of republicanism.

Up the Republic!


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