Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday - Irish matches

With the huge football match between Ireland and France on Wednesday coming ever closer, I thought I'd make football the theme of this week's edition of Top Ten Tuesday by listing my ten favourite Irish goals. So, without further ado:

1. Jason McAteer against Holland - This World Cup qualifying game was hugely important and things looked bleak when Gary Kelly was sent off and Ireland went down to 10 men, but a Roy Keane-inspired display led to McAteer getting a great goal and helping Ireland win the game.
2. Ray Houghton against Italy at USA '94 - The whole country erupted when Ray got the goal which helped Ireland defeat Italy 1-0.
3. Alan McLoughlin against NI - Oh how the North's team wanted to deny us a place in the '94 World Cup! They almost did until Alan McLoughlin came on and scored a screamer. I can still hear George Hamilton - "Alan McLoughlin...it's there! Alan McLoughlin has done it!"
4. Robbie Keane against Germany - In this 2002 World Cup game, Ireland looked dead and buried...until Robbie Keane came up with a screamer. In a poll done in England, the English voted it their third favourite sporting moment of 2002!
5. David O'Leary against Romania - I suppose this technically shouldn't count but O'Leary's penalty after Packie Bonner's save was a great moment which helped Ireland to the Quarter-Finals of the 1990 World Cup.
6. Ray Houghton against England - Ray Houghton's goal against England in '88 helped Ireland defeat the English. 'Nuff said!
7. Matt Holland against Cameroon - Holland's goal against Cameroon in the 2002 World Cup helped Ireland grab a 1-1 draw and considering the whole Keane furore that was going on at the time, it was a great result.
8. Robbie Keane against Spain - Robbie Keane's penalty against Spain in the 2002 World Cup sent the country into ecstasy...but the joy wouldn't last long as we crashed out on penalties in the end. I was on the brink of tears after that match. Weren't we all though?
9. Matt Holland against Portugal - Matt Holland's equaliser in this qualifying game for the 2002 World Cup played a key part in Ireland making the finals at the expense of Holland.
10. Roy Keane against Portugal - This was the match at Lansdowne Road and captain Roy Keane grabed a big goal to give us the lead in the game much to the delight of the fans...sadly Luis Figo grabbed a goal back. Both teams made it to the World Cup in the end.

Alot of great memories there. Hopefully Wednesday will provide some more.

So there you have it. Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer some of your own.


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