Saturday, September 24, 2005


PANSY Watch - Day of protest

Charming image to your left don't you think? It comes courtesy of PANSY Central a.k.a. Indymedia Ireland.

Today of course is the day when the anti-American...uh I mean the anti-war protesters, descend upon Shannon airport highlighting their cowardice and stupidity in calling for Shannon airport to be denied to the US military. It must be the day for marches...

I think alot of these protesters are seriously misguided and I also think alot of them have disgraceful anti-American attitudes.

Protests such as these help the insurgency in Iraq and hurt the brave American troops who are risking their lives for a noble cause.

If you opposed the war in Iraq, that's fine. But the war has happened. Saddam's regime has fallen. Now the war is against Iraqi terrorists. Terrorists who have murdered an Irish-born aid worker. Terrorists who have beheaded an Irish citizen.

Leaving Iraq will mean allowing the Iraqi people to fall into the hands of these scumbags. Scumbags like Al-Zarqawi. This cannot be allowed to happen.

It's one thing to oppose the war in Iraq, it's another thing entirely to oppose the war on terror.

'Peace on terror' as Edward Horgan called for on Indymedia recently WILL NOT WORK. That is advocating cowardice in the extreme.

We the people of Ireland must stand shoulder to shoulder with our real allies - America, Britain, Australia and the other Coalition troops.

To deny the US access to Shannon airport would be a slap in the face to America, a slap in the face to our allies, and a slap in the face to what it means to be Irish.

I say it's time the anti-war protesters got the hell out of Shannon Airport!


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