Friday, September 23, 2005


Gay adoption again...

I had quite a heated debate on this issue fairly recently here on United Irelander. It's a contentious issue without a doubt. My feelings on the matter have been expressed. I have nothing against homosexuality. I don't even object to gay marriage myself which is another contentious issue - but I draw the line at gay adoption. In my opinion it's wrong. That's why I have to comment on the following letter by Caitríona Horgan in the Irish Examiner which was in response to an article in the Examiner entitled 'Calls for ban on adoption for homosexuals'. Here are some excerpts from the letter:

"I am infuriated by the Mother and Child Campaign. This sort of bigotry is completely idiotic and has no place in today’s world."

It's not bigotry. It's traditional family values. And why does it have no place in today's world? Ah yes, because tradition has to go out of the window in today's world!

"The spokeswoman for this blatantly homophobic campaign, Niamh Uí Bhriain, claimed that “homosexual parenting was not in the interest of the child.”"

Oh dear. The 'homophobic' word, a.k.a. The 'H' card. Used much quicker than usual I might add.

"Who is she to say that two people of the same sex can’t love, care for or provide a child with a happy, stable home any better than a heterosexual couple."

Stop focusing on the gay couple in the issue and start focusing on the best interests of the child. Why deny it a normal, heterosexual family in favour of a false, unnatural knock-off?

"But it is my understanding that when a child is given up for adoption, the parents do so because they want a better life for the child, and who’s to say a same sex couple can’t provide this."

Who's to say they can?

"Even though I am only 17..."


"I know that if I ever had to put a child up for adoption I would prefer the child to be adopted by a homosexual couple who loved it and gave it a good life than a heterosexual couple who might not provide a loving environment."

Eh? Now who's the bigot? Why assume that homosexual couples = good, heterosexual couples = bad? I would prefer that a child have both a maternal and a paternal figure.

"As long as they love the child it shouldn’t matter if they are gay, straight or otherwise because at the end of the day, love is love."

Love is complicated. Let's suppose some girl who is around the age of the author of this letter, 17, decides she wants to have a child. Should that be encouraged? After all, who's to say this person won't love the child? After all, love is love right? I would say that such a situation would be most unhelpful for the child. And the reality is, the child is the most important person in the adoption process. Does a child benefit by being placed with a homosexual couple? I don't believe so.

"As long as the child’s best interests are served, that is what counts."

Agreed but how is it in the child's best interests to be placed into a perverse mockery of the traditional family model?

"From the number of calls to organisations like Childline, sadly it is clear that many heterosexual couples fail to meet the needs of their children."

This old chestnut again. All straight couples are bad, ergo all gay couples are good! I don't think so.

"So why does Niamh Uí Bhriain claim that a heterosexual couple is best."

Maybe 'cos she has common sense and she knows it's the natural way?

"How can she guarantee this? Surely it is case specific."

Ha! Now the author claims it's 'case specific' when earlier she lambasted all heterosexual couples and praised all homosexual couples!

"I appeal to the Government not to succumb to this sort of prejudice and change the adoption legislation. This Mother and Child Campaign threatens to return us to the Dark Ages."

The Dark Ages? What, when a father and a mother cared for their children? As opposed to what? The golden age of Mammy and Mammy and Daddy and Daddy trying to fight the law of nature and be something that they are not? Wake up.

"What next? Restoration of the ban on contraception?"

The irony is lost on the author here as she overlooks the fact that if our ancestors, in the 'Dark Ages' had thrown out the heterosexual family model of man and woman, none of us would even exist today! That would have been the ultimate contraceptive, eh?

I'm not suggesting that single-sex couples can't offer a child love. I'm sure we've all seen the film Three Men and a Baby so we know it's possible. I just don't think it's ethical.

Deny a child his or her right to a father or mother? Unacceptable I'm afraid.


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