Friday, September 23, 2005


It's called 'Derry'

I see the DUP are quite upset after a Monaghan judge refused to acknowledge the name 'Londonderry'.

The party's Fermanagh and South Tyrone assembly member, Arlene Foster, criticised the comments, made by Judge Sean McBride during a motoring case.

The judge said that 'Londonderry' didn’t exist, but Ms Foster said he was ill-informed and completely inaccurate.

It showed, she said, the contempt felt for anything British by the southern judicial authorities.

Arlene Foster is talking out of her arse. The fact is, 'Londonderry' is a figment of British imaginations. It's called 'Derry' to me and most of the Irish people on this island and considering this is our country, we are qualified to comment on the matter!

Furthermore, Ms Foster would do well to tell her party leader Dr Evil...I mean Dr Paisley, that 'Ulster' is a nine-county entity and is not a valid name for the six counties!


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