Friday, September 23, 2005


Friday Fun-News in Brief

In the news this week, it was revealed that troubled pop superstar Michael Jackson has been asked to record a duet with Irish boyband Westlife next year.

The group's manager Louis Walsh says: "Michael Jackson is an inspiration and we are approaching him. The boys have sung with Diana Ross and Mariah Carey on their new album. So we thought: 'Who next?' Jackson would be great."

Wow, Westlife's legion of young fans will love hearing that...

Also in the news this week it was revealed that according to research commissioned with SEI support, by 2050 Ireland’s winters will be wetter, with an increased risk of flooding as a result of more frequent storms and localised rainfall. An 11% increase in rainfall is predicted by 2050.

How come with all this talk about global warming, Ireland still gets pissed on by rain? Typical.

As well as all that comes the news that the Government has launched a scholarship programme aimed at attracting more young women into the science, engineering and technology sectors.

At present, men vastly outnumber women in these sectors.

Responding to the news, a science student declared: "Hooray! Actual girls! The Star Trek club is going to be brilliant from now on!" Ah, bless 'em.

And finally this week comes the news that Mariah Carey loves watching British soap opera Eastenders and is trying to adopt the characters' trademark cockney accent.

"I love Eastenders and I've asked a friend of mine to record some episodes for me. I love the way they speak - the cockney accent, so I'm gonna learn it," Carey said.

It's official - she's crazy.


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