Friday, September 23, 2005


Gerry Adams is a disgrace

I am absolutely disgusted and outraged at the news that Sinn Fein head honcho Gerry Adams will today renew his bid to have the killers of Det. Garda Jerry McCabe freed from jail.

Although senior members of Mr Ahern’s administration warned Sinn Féin any new request for the prisoners’ early release would fail, Mr Adams has pledged to continue the fight.

He said: "I’m mindful of the trauma for the McCabe family but the Supreme Court upheld the fact they were qualifying prisoners (under the Good Friday Agreement) and we will continue to campaign for their release."

Well what the majority of Irish people are mindful of is a commitment given to us around the time of the Good Friday Agreement and given to us again earlier this year by the Taoiseach that the scumbags who gunned down a protector of the Irish people would serve their sentences!

Bertie Ahern must not cave in to Sinn Fein/IRA on this matter.

The Irish people don't want those sick murderers on our streets. Adams is showing his complete disregard for the laws of the Irish State and for that he deserves serious condemnation.

Gerry Adams is a disgrace. An Irish Republican? No. An apologist for criminals.


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