Saturday, September 24, 2005


Gerry Adams - The fraud

I groaned as I heard Gerry Adams' latest thoughts on the future of the peace process.

Hilariously, Adams said the time ahead should be used to build confidence with those who doubted the intentions of the Republican terror group.

Yeah shame on all of you who doubted the noble Provos! So they said they would decommission years ago, hey everybody makes mistakes! That's why pencils have erasers, right?

Let's look at some of Mr Adams' comments:

"We believe that we are all on the cusp of a future which allows those of us who want to, to see democratic and peaceful structures in place."

Wow, seems like Gerry is quite the democrat indeed. Makes you wonder why his party was tied to an illegal paramilitary organisation for so long...

"Those of us who want to see equality right across the island and those of us who want to see an accommodation between unionists and the rest of us, we are on the cusp of that happening in the wake of the IRA putting its arms beyond use."

Well fair play to them! Republicans are going to show unionists that they want an accomodation with them - by deciding not to blow them up any more. Outstanding!

I have to say I'm getting sick and tired of the pandering the media does to this guy. He's a disgrace to Irish Republicanism.

Nationalists need to acknowledge his real role in this process. The reality is, if Adams and the IRA had done what they claimed they were going to do at the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, stability would have been brought to the North. Trimble would not have fell on his sword and unionists wouldn't have flocked to Dr Evil and his merry band of moaners in the DUP.

But you see Adams needed Trimble out of the way and he needed the SDLP out of the way too. The moderate position had to be swept aside to give Sinn Fein what it really craves - power. Power even if it means at the expense of Irish reunification.

If these steps had been taken around the time of the Good Friday Agreement, as they were supposed to, we would be closer to Irish unity. Maybe not by much, but closer nonetheless and certainly in a more stable environment. But Sinn Fein feed off instability. They need it. Instability enabled them to gobble up the SDLP's groundwork. It also gave Paisley the number one position in unionism.

Make no mistake about it, Gerry Adams is an egomaniac. He believes he can deliver Irish unity through his methods. But he can't. And to Adams, if he can't do it, no one can. He wants his name in the lights. He wants his place in history.

'Gerry Adams - The Irish Moses. The man who led the Irish people to the promised land after 40 years.'

But Adams ain't no Moses. The nationalist people in Ireland's north have been conned by this guy and his rhetoric.

He can organise all the 'Make Partition History' campaigns he wants but the reality is, he and his supporters are travelling down a route that most of us asked them to travel down years ago. They have delayed, and quite possibly destroyed, the chances of ridding this island of the border through their campaign of terror.

So soak up your adulation Mr Adams. Stand there and feel like a winner. Lap it all up, take it all in. But know this - not all the Irish people are fooled. The recent popularity ratings for the political leaders confirmed this. You may feel like you have achieved some great victory when this is all said and done but the border will still be there. Still staring back at you. Reminding you. Reminding you of the one thing you know deep down in your heart...

You've lost.


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