Saturday, September 24, 2005



It seems that a staggering...wait for it...1,000 or so demonstrators today called on the Government to stop allowing the US to use Shannon Airport for military stopovers.

Wow! 1,000 people! In a country of over 4 million people! That sends a very powerful message which is - most people don't care about the US using the airport.

Listen to Labour TD Jan O'Sullivan (pictured left) whine about the matter though:

"Today’s demonstration is part of a wider global peace rally with large protests taking place in major cities across the world."

Hopefully they're alot larger, eh?!

"It reminds us once again of the ongoing illegal occupation of Iraq by the US and gives us the opportunity to express solidarity with the Iraqi people."

Solidarity with the Iraqi people? Gee, that's funny. Because prior to the war, polls revealed that most Iraqis welcomed the invasion yet you anti-war protesters weren't showing alot of solidarity then...

"In particular, it is shameful that evidence that illegally held prisoners being transported to Guantanamo Bay are travelling via Shannon, is being ignored by the Irish Government."

Oh no! Those poor terrorists! Think of their human rights and so forth...

"I am calling on all opponents of the illegal invasion of Iraq to pressurise the Irish Government to cease their compliance in the illegal occupation of Iraq."

I'm calling on you to stop badmouthing the brave American troops risking their lives to help the Iraqi people.

I'm sure you're all terribly interested in hearing what Green Party chairman John Gormley (who?) had to say as well...

"Not only is the invasion and occupation of Iraq illegal but Shannon continues to be used as a tool of terror and torture as detainees are spirited away via Shannon to hell holes like Guantanamo Bay where the writ of the United Nations does not run."

Oh no, not hell holes! How dare terrorist prisoners be treated so harshly!

"Surely it is time for Ireland to now reconsider its assistance to the American war machine in light of this tragedy."

Is this guy seriously telling us that housing terrorists in Guantanomo Bay is a 'tragedy'? Can't you just go and hug a tree instead John?

"We alone of the so-called neutral states are giving our airports and airspace to the US military."

Really? Wow. With this and the fact that we gave assistance to the Allies in World War 2 despite being neutral, it's almost as if Irish neutrality is a COMPLETE SHAM. Fancy that.

"In aiding and abetting the Americans in this way we will be seen as a ‘legitimate’ target for Islamic terrorist organisations."

Unbelievable. I apologise to the American people on behalf of all decent Irish people for Mr Gormley's shocking cowardice.

These people are an absolute embarassment. Thankfully they represent a very small number.


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