Friday, August 12, 2005


PSNI officer chants IRA slogans

A police officer who allegedly chanted IRA slogans at a staff party in Ireland's north is to face a misconduct board, it was revealed today.

Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde confirmed the action against a man accused of a pro-republican outburst that horrified colleagues.

One representative on the authority holding the force to account demanded the officer's sacking if found guilty.

Obviously it goes without saying that this kind of thing can't be condoned. Indeed one must wonder why on earth the officer came out with chants like that risking dismissal and perhaps even a good thrashing from colleagues! With that being said though, listen to Ian Paisley Junior's over the top reaction:

"There must be the most severe penalty. Any fraternisation between terrorists and police officers cannot be tolerated."

What fraternisation? The foolish officer uttered IRA chants. If Paisley Jnr thinks this is fraternisation, should we also regard the thousands upon thousands of Celtic fans who have been known to utter IRA chants as having 'fraternised' with the IRA too?


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