Friday, August 12, 2005


Fun Referrers

Continuing my weekly look at the funny things people have typed into their search engines to come across United Irelander, this week saw the following:

"Mary Lou McDonald"

Ugh. Still, it could've been worse. Much, much worse if you get my drift...

"no orange order"

Now that's more like it! No wonder he/she found my site with that.

"pub songs IRA"

Tut-tut. There are certain things you don't want in your vicinity when you're trying to enjoy a pint - cigarette smoke, the noise of loud kids, GAA supporters and, yes, IRA songs!

"friendly sons of st patrick dub"

What in the blue hell?

"Jim Allister Irish language official"

There's a set of words I bet you never thought you'd see together.

"colombia three lyrics"

Wha? Don't tell me someone wrote a song for the Colombia Three? It wasn't the Wolfe Tones was it? I can just imagine the lyrics -

"Those brave ould souls,
Left to help a foreign land,
Good on ya, for going to Colombia!

"With dodgy passports all in tow,
They were up and ready to go,
Good on ya, for going to Colombia!

"They went to have a lark,
Not to train guerrillas in Farc,
Good on ya, for going to Colombia!"

Actually forget the Wolfe Tones, I think I'm going to make this into a single myself!

Still, what a world eh?


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