Friday, August 12, 2005


Friday Fun's Fab Vocab

Yes it's that time again but I thought this week I'd also explain the meaning behind certain Irish slang terms that some overseas visitors might not understand. For example:

Irish slang to proper English:

You're a bleedin' muppet! - You have offended me sir with your thoughts and/or views.

Do you want a box? - I challenge you to a duel.

Me bollix! - Poppycock!

Get ouwwa that garden - A quite preposterous notion!

Knowledge of these slang terms will prove invaluable. Now let's move onto some helpful Irish words which will leave you well prepared:

Irish to English:

bia = food

teilifís = television

ceol = music

iasc = fish

Go dtachta na péisteoga do thóin bheagmhaitheasach = May the worms choke your worthless arse

As ever I hope you found this week's edition of Fab Vocab informative as well as stimulating.


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