Thursday, August 11, 2005



The Government has announced €200,000 in funding aimed at improving Irish people's knowledge of the European Union.

The money will be targeted at young people (hence the title you see) and will be spent on projects around the country which encourage debate about the EU and its workings.

You're not going to believe this but I've actually managed to grab a sneak peek at the 'knowledge' young people will learn*. Things such as:

- The EU helps Ireland's economy.
- The EU respects the sovereignty of nation-states.
- The EU constitution is vital for Ireland's future and the future of other nations.
- The EU understands the concerns of the French and Dutch people.
- The EU isn't actually filled with power-hungry politicians eager to be rivals of the USA.
- Jose Manuel Barrosso isn't actually a muppet.

Yeah! Go the EU! They're so in touch with the youth of today! Deadly! Savage! And so forth...

*(may not be true)


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