Thursday, August 11, 2005


50% happy with Sinn Fein coalition

I read with interest of a new opinion poll which has found that almost half of Irish voters would be happy to see Sinn Féin in coalition government following the IRA's announcement that it was giving up its armed struggle.

However, the Sunday Business Post/ Red C poll also found that 50% of those questioned said they do not believe that IRA members will give up all criminal activity.

The survey of 1,000 people found that almost four out of every ten were more likely to vote Sinn Féin following last month's IRA statement.

45% of voters said they would be happy to see Sinn Féin serving in a coalition government, compared with just 20% in a poll taken in March.

I must say I find the results of this poll very worrying. Why should Sinn Fein serve in a coalition government? The IRA have yet to decommission and there is no evidence as yet that the words in the IRA's recent statement will lead to the peace and stability most of us desire. And the people who voted yes, are they aware of Sinn Fein's policies aside from the issue of Irish unity? Did the people who said they'd be happy with a coalition government involving the Shinners take those things into consideration? I doubt it.

Sinn Fein, at this moment in time, are not fit for government North or South until the IRA backs up their words with actions.

The naivety of some people in the South certainly doesn't help matters...


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