Tuesday, August 02, 2005


The Fashion Police

Was anyone else aware that the Gardaí have got themselves a new uniform? I wasn't really sure if they had or not but lo and behold, they have! You can read about it and check out what it looks like here.

The new uniform includes:

- Operational safety boots (with waterproof breathable membrane), manufactured to E.N. 345 Safety Standard
- A new 55 m.m utility belt to hold handcuffs, baton and other items of equipment
- A Two tone navy and yellow high visibility fluorescent jacket
- A Blousson Jacket, waterpoof and lined with tabs to hold the utility belt
- An Inner Fleece, zip detachable from Blousson Jacket
- A Leather Belt with brass buckle with Garda Crest
- A new type shirt with chevrons on right sleeve (for Sergeants)
- A new Cap badge which contains corporate colours
- A navy garter with matching thong (OK I made that last one up)

I can't say I really like it. It's a bit too casual. The PSNI's one looks far more formal. It's better than the
Canadian alternative I suppose!

Others appear to be in favour of the new uniform though. I caught up with a young Northsider to get his opinions on the uniform:

"Ah I think it's bleedin' deadly, d'ya know wha' I mean" said Deco, 17. "I was having a word abour it wih me mate Anto while we were havin' a few cans and he think's it's the business ya know? Personally, I tink havin' white runners may have been a bih better but overall it's sound enough ya know"?*

Clearly there are a range of opinions on the uniform but the important thing is that they prove popular amongst the Guards themselves who risk their lives protecting us night and day. I salute these brave men and women for their bravery. A cool uniform is the least they deserve.

*(The above conversation may not have happened)


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