Monday, August 01, 2005


Do you want a United Ireland?

I've decided to introduce a new feature to United Irelander - polls! Yes I have signed up to a free Pollhost account and the sweet smell of democracy shall emanate from this place henceforth. And I thought to myself what better question to ask than the following:

Do you want a United Ireland?

If you look along my sidebar underneath the 'About Me' section, you will see the poll itself and I urge you to take part. For the laugh at least. I'm not expecting Peter Hain to keep a close eye on it or anything but hopefully it will produce some interesting results. I'll probably leave it up for a few days or maybe a week. I voted yes to the poll, surprise surprise!

You can use the comments section of this post to explain why you voted the way you did if you want. Cheers.


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