Monday, August 01, 2005


Monday Madness-DUP drivel

I've been reading over the statement given by DUP leader Ian Paisley in response to the plans for normalisation. It is a statement filled with threats and whingeing, rhetoric and paranoia.
I thought I would analyse some of the remarks made which are turgid to the extreme. So without further ado:

"It (the normalisation programme) is a surrender to the IRA and is further evidence of bad faith on the part of the Government."

How is it a surrender? Why have troops in Ireland when they are not needed? Surely they'd be better off in places like Iraq where they are needed?

"We are appalled at the dishonest and dangerous approach of the Government with today’s announcement of 'normalisation' and we want to make it clear that it will pay a high price for the approach that is being taken."

Is that a threat?

"This bilateral agreement between the Government and the IRA will have serious consequences for the political process. The Secretary of State may believe that today’s statement will bring forward devolution, but the reality is that it will delay its return."

Who does this guy think he is? His threats are shallow and pathetic.

"The Secretary of State should be aware that of all the political parties in Northern Ireland, the DUP needs devolution the least and whilst we have no control over many decisions that the Government takes, we do have a veto on the return of devolution."

Unbelievable! That he has the unmitigated gall to make a statement like that! Some democrat! If he thinks he has a veto on devolution's return, perhaps that veto should be taken away...

"We alone will dictate when we enter negotiations with the Government about devolution. We alone will dictate when, if ever, we enter discussions with Sinn Fein and we alone will dictate when, if ever, and in what circumstances, we enter an administration with Sinn Fein. There is a price which we are not prepared to pay for the return of devolution."

This is unacceptable. Paisley cannot hold the peace process to ransom. The peace process and the political future of the North cannot be determined by one party.

"The era of pushover unionism is over."

Rhetoric. No ones asking for unionism to be pushed over, rather to move over and make way for nationalism which deserves equal parity with unionism.

"There will be a penalty for the Government to pay for the decisions it has taken to date and a further penalty if there are more concessions."

More threats from the bully.

"When we meet the Secretary of State on Wednesday we will set out the penalties which we will impose and will raise the matter with the Prime Minister face to face."

Yeah you do that you pathetic little parasite.

Now that the revolting Rev has had his rant, permit me to have mine. Paisley is a bile-spewing bigoted bully and must not be allowed to halt progress in Ireland's north. That the DUP have the unbridled audacity to declare that they "alone will dictate" the possibility of devolution and that they will impose "penalties" on the British government is both disturbing as well as disgusting.

Paisley runs his mouth and talks about not needing devolution, well if he thinks he can halt progress the two governments must inform the Rev that if he doesn't play ball, Direct Rule will be removed and Joint Authority will be imposed until he changes his mind! You can be bloody sure he'll come running back to the negotiating table then!

The British government tell us they won't bow down to terrorism, now they must prove they don't bow down to bully-boy bigots either.


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