Thursday, July 14, 2005


Under a vest

The Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell, said he would consider the introduction of protective vests for gardaí in high-risk situations.

However, he insisted there is no need for armed gardaí, saying there is a unique relationship between the Garda and the people that it polices, and that depends in large measure on the fact that gardaí don't carry firearms.

"There are issues such as stab-proof vests and other issues which would arise," he said.

"I do believe that they should be properly equipped."

His comments came following an overnight stabbing incident in which two gardaí were attacked as they entered a house in Raheny.


I must say I agree with the Minister on this. I think it would be unwise for Ireland to go down the route of having armed police officers like in America. Protective vests are one thing, but to permit the use of firearms would, in my opinion, lead to a surge in the increase of gun crime in this country.

And that is the last thing we need.


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