Friday, July 15, 2005


UI's Celtic Mythology - Cesair

Cesair was the daughter of Bith, son of Noah and one of the earliest arrivals in Ireland. In her myth, Celtic and Hebrew traditions were brought somewhat uncomfortably together by the monks who wrote down the sagas and who suggested that the first settlers had reached Ireland before the Flood. Although Bith was denied a place in the Ark, he was fortunate to be advised by a god to build his own boat. Cesair appears to have guided him to this decision as well. They sailed for seven years and eventually reached Ireland, where Cesair was married to Fintan. When the rising waters of the Flood engulfed the land, Fintan saved himself by changing into a salmon, but the rest of Bith's family drowned. This myth is known as the first invasion of Ireland. Subsequent invasions were by the Partholon and Nemed, the Fomorri and Tuatha De Danann, who were all more or less supernatural in nature. The final invasion of Ireland was by the sons of Milesius, who came from Spain and brought human rule to the island.


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