Thursday, July 14, 2005


Cowen-ting the cash

Finance Minister Brian Cowen has been busy defending the decision made yesterday by Government Minsiters to award themselves a 7.5% pay rise.

The Cabinet approved the pay award for Ministers and other senior civil servants, which was recommended by an independent review group.

The move will see ministers getting an extra €10,000 a year, but Mr Cowen said today that he believed the electorate would understand that it was warranted.

Let's analyse the Minister's comments:

"We're elected by the people".

You sure are, Brian. But were the people informed you'd give yourselves a load of extra cash once you got into power? I must have missed that particular manifesto...

"These wage rates are set by an independent pay awards body."

And who approved these wage rates?

"Obviously, I'll continue to work as hard as I can to maintain the confidence of the people"

Maintain it? Don't you mean regain it?

You're another scoundrel, Mr Cowen! You couldn't care less about the people. Everything has a price though. And hopefully moves like this will prove very costly indeed for the Government at the next general election...


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