Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday - Fads I overlook

I've recently been thinking about how I tend to overlook certain fads. I thought about it some more and made a list of fads I've overlooked. So without further ado:

1. Harry Potter - Everyone's going crazy for this magic boy with the spectacles but I've not read any of the books in the series nor have I watched any of the films. I can't be arsed doing so now.
2. Crazy Frog - I hate this annoying little b*stard. HATE IT.
3. Wristbands - What's the deal with these wristbands? Everyone seems to wear them but me. Wasn't Tony Blair spotted wearing one recently? Not for me though.
4. iPod - Everyone seems to have one but me. Since when did the Discman become obsolete?
5. Camera phones - I finally gave into the mobile phone craze a few years back but nowadays you must have a camera phone. I have one but it's not one of those flip-up ones which apparently makes my phone shite. Ah well.
6. 24 - I wanted to get into this show but I missed the first few episodes (or rather hours) and found it too confusing to keep up with. A pity.
7. Weird beards - You know those weird beards men tend to wear these days? Well I don't wear one. I especially don't like that cube one, you know the one that's underneath the lip in a little square? It reminds me of that Father Ted episode - "How could you get a perfectly square bit of dirt on a window? I would've thought that would have been practically impossible"!
8. Star Wars - It's alright but why are people obsessed with it? I just don't get it.
9. Ryan Tubridy - Why is he popular? Anyone? Anyone at all?
10. Low rise jeans - I know these are for women but still...

So there you have it. Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer your own.


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