Tuesday, July 19, 2005


UI's Celtic Mythology - Conall

Conall, in Irish mythology, was the foster-brother of the Ulster hero Cuchulainn. As children, they swore that if either was killed first the other would avenge him. When Queen Medb of Connacht invaded Ulster, Cuchulainn faced her army single-handed, but he was doomed because he had offended the war goddess Morrigan. After Cuchulainn had been killed, and his head and sword-hand cut off by the enemy, the warriors of Ulster were stirred by Conall to wreak bloody revenge. They caught up with Queen Medb's army and Conall slew those who had killed his foster-brother. Later, Conall went on to ravage the whole of Ireland as he punished Queen Medb's allies one by one. In doing so he earned his title, Caernach ("of the Victories").

I like this particular story especially considering Conall would be one of the lesser known figures in Irish mythology.


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