Thursday, June 09, 2005


He's a bit confused himself...

It's always a laugh listening to the Taoiseach commenting on issues pertaining to Europe. Today he answered questions from reporters on the EU Constitution. One hopes he answered these questions outside of his local pub Fagan's after downing several pints because it's scary to think that a sober man could come up with this shite.

He made the point that 10 countries have already ratified the constitution and that 13 have yet to decide. He neglected to mention of course that the only country to put the decision to its people was Spain and that there was only a 42 per cent turnout there in contrast to France and Holland which saw turnout in the 60 per cent region. Also the fact that recent polls have shown that Germans would have rejected the constitution if given a chance to vote. (They weren't as the Upper House of Parliament in the Bundesrat passed it instead).

Still, let's analyse oul' Bertie's remarks:

"That’s where it’s at. I don’t think there’s any confusion," he said.

Ask the man on the street about the thing and he won't have a clue. Most people know nothing about it, Ahern!

"What people do not know is where would the Netherlands and France stand if everybody else ratified it. What would actually happen and what time frame is there now for ratification."

What?! No one gives a shit Bertie! France and Holland voted and their respective decisions should be accepted.

"We have to wait until next week when we will get the collective view of everybody and to see what is the position moving forward."

Yes we the people of Ireland have to wait until next week when you get your orders from your European Overlords. You make me sick Ahern! Did Padraig Pearse die for Barroso and the other bozos? I think not! Vive democracy!


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