Saturday, March 26, 2005


Solution To My Dilemma

I posted yesterday about the dilemma I would face when England played Northern Ireland due to the fact that I can't stand either team.Well, my dilemma was solved for me prior to the game - I decided to support England.Perhaps it was Garth Crook's interview with Sven Goran Erikkson as they discussed playing against a 'British' team or perhaps it was hearing God Save The Queen played prior to the match.I did notice they only played the anthem once which must have disappointed alot of England fans since they had no anthem to boo.Nonetheless, I made my mind up to support England.Thankfully, England got the win (with a scoreline I expertly predicted) and they thoroughly deserved it.Northern Ireland were a shambles and were made to look like a pub team.Though, to be fair, they are really.

What annoyed me though was why I had to watch the BBC NI coverage.I wanted to hear from Gary Lineker and Co. not Jim Magilton and whoever the other two were! I had to put up with nonsense about the 'great NI fans'. These are the great fans that hounded out poor Neil Lennon, yes? The commentators seemed to go into ecstasy whenever the NI players strung a few passes together.A useless shot by Michael Owen was hailed as a superb save from Maik Taylor! (though to be fair his other saves were excellent)

So it's yet another loss for England Junior, oops I mean Northern Ireland! I couldn't help but feel sorry for the nationalists who play for that joke of a team but, the fact is, they shouldn't be playing for the team at all.It is not inclusive and is not geared towards those of a nationalist tradition in Ireland's north.For that it deserves to be boycotted.

Now if only I had put money on a 4-0 England win...


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