Friday, March 25, 2005


Fun Irelander Feature-My Dilemma

So there's some big football matches coming up this weekend and I find myself left with quite a dilemma when it comes to the England vs NI match.The dilemma being that I don't really give a damn about either team.As far as I'm concerned, the Northern Ireland team is basically England junior.For example, what will happen with the anthems?Will they play the same song twice or will one suffice?At least if they play God Save The Queen twice the loyalists will be happy...

I don't support England when it comes to sport.However should I support them this weekend?I'm not so sure.After all, there will be a few nationalists who will play for the NI team.You'll be able to pick them out.They'll be the ones not singing to the unionist anthem!

I just don't now what to do for that match.I'm not going to care who wins.I suppose a 0-0 score wouldn't be too bad.As for the REAL Irish team, I'm sure we will get a result in Tel Aviv with the legendary Roy Keane taking part.Come on you boys in green! And by that I mean IRELAND!


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