Saturday, March 26, 2005


Simply Dreadful

What a dreaful performance by the Irish team.Two points thrown away! I predicted an Irish win( by two goals it must be said) but I was left bemoaning Israel's Abas Suan after his 90th minute strike.As his shot rifled the net my heart sank.What is most disappointing though is the fact that we got what we deserved.We were too negative and did not go for the second goal.At this level, one goal is never enough and Israel always looked likely to grab a dramatic late goal.Unfortunately for us, they did.This leaves Ireland in a bad way and I fully expect France to beat Switzerland and top the group.We're not out of the running yet but had we won, we would've been in a great position.Why must we always do things the hard way?

We must pick ourselves up and make up for this bad result by beating Israel at Lansdowne Road on the 4th of June.There are alot of Irish people who want to spend their summer in 2006 in Germany.Let's hope they'll be able to.


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