Friday, March 04, 2005


Friday Fun-News in Brief

Apparently at the Oscars this week, there was a huge line for the toilet backstage at the Kodak Theatre.At one time,Halle Berry, Robin Williams and Leonardo DiCaprio were all standing outside the unisex loo waiting for Renee Zellweger to finish.

Is that what you call a case of Bridget Jones' Diarrhoea?

The European Commission has recommended that RTE provide details of how it spends the €70m it receives annually in license fees.

I've actually got a hold of RTE's plans for later this year.Let's have a look at some of them:

€15m on a new show - You're a Lookalike - Contestants from across Ireland will come together for a gruelling contest covering many months and wasting lots of time for the chance of appearing on Stars in Your Eyes.If they flop miserably,who cares?There's always next year...

€10m on a new series of The Panel - Bringing together unfunny comedians with unfunny jokes making for an unfunny evening.Not to be missed!

€10m on a new series of Telly Bingo - Where else can you see an afternoon gameshow hosted by a raspy -voiced transvestite?If that's not entertainment,what is?

€15m on a new series of Tubridy Tonight - It's the Tonight Show except without Jay Leno, decent guests and laughter!The epitome of Irish entertainment.

€10m on a new series of The Afternoon Show - Great entertainment for a female audience as a bunch of ladies sit around chatting and bashing men.Cailin power!

Well,that's about it.What about the other €10m, you ask?Well, apparently RTE has decided to spend it on some magic beans...


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