Friday, March 11, 2005


A New Lunatic to Run the Asylum!

I don't usually go on a rant on Friday but I can't resist.I see John Delaney has today been confirmed as the new Chief Executive Officer of the FAI.

Delaney, who has held the role on an interim basis since December 1, has been handed the full-time role after making "great progress" according to FAI president Milo Corcoran.

I think alot of Irish fans will agree with me when I say that the FAI are a bunch of inept arseholes.I remember reading Roy Keane speak about them not too long ago and he is still not satisfied with how they are handling things, especially their failure to implement the Genesis report.They are just a poorly run organisation and are an absolute embarrassment in contrast to their English counterparts.

The FAI are a bunch of wasters.


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