Sunday, February 06, 2005


Sunday Scrutiny-Roy Keane

I am a huge fan of Roy Keane.He is a Corkman that I can definitely respect!I have been a fan of Keane for years since I support Man Utd,however I'm still baffled by people who choose to criticise this great Irishman.
Yesterday Keane drove Utd,almost single-handedly,to their victory over Birmingham in the way he has done so many times for Ireland by the proverbial 'scruff of the neck'.

We Irish are very lucky that we have such a winner amongst our ranks.There is a great article by Tom Humphreys featured in the Irish Eagle and Mr Humphreys does an excellent job describing how Keane has driven Man Utd for the last few seasons and how this season he has dominated Gerrard and Vieira in the matches against Liverpool and Arsenal respectively.

In the match against Arsenal,Keane showed he was not only a great athlete and footballer but also a leader when he stood up to the bully,Patrick Vieira,who decided to pick on Gary Neville.
Keane did his talking on the pitch winning the man of the match award and driving Utd to a 4-2 victory over their great rivals.

Keane is undoubtedly a great Irish sportsman and hopefully he will drive Ireland to the 2006 World Cup.There's only one Keano!


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