Saturday, February 05, 2005


Saturday Survey

Hero of the Week: Roy Keane:What a guy!He stood up to the bully Patrick Vieira who was picking on his team-mate Gary Neville and he steered Manchester United to a famous 4-2 victory over Arsenal at Highbury.

A living legend!

Villains of the Week: Provisional IRA:How dare they threaten me and the rest of the people on this island!There is no mandate for the Provisional IRA.None at all!

Funniest Moment of the Week: Arsene Wenger's Face:Oh how great it was to see Mr Wenger's face as John O'Shea(an Irishman,I might add) floated in a delicious chip over the hapless Almunia to condemn the Arse to a humiliating 4-2 defeat.(In case you're wondering yes I do support Man Utd!)

Dunce of the Week: Patrick Vieira: Hey Paddy,word of advice-if you're going to pick on someone,make sure that person isn't a friend of the Irish hero that is Roy Keane!

Celebrities of the Week: U2: They have smashed Irish box office records with ticket sales for their Dublin concerts with more than 150,000 sold within 50 minutes.
U2 remain as popular as ever and I know a couple of people who are bitterly disapppinted that they have missed out on the chance to go.

Quote of the Week: "Patrick Vieira is 6ft 4in and having a go a Gary Neville.So I said,'have a go at me'.If he wants to intimidate our players and thinks that Gary Neville is an easy target,I'm not having it." - Roy Keane.

The words of a bona fide hero!How people can dislike this man is beyond me.The man is a champion of champions!

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