Saturday, February 05, 2005


An AGM or a Wine Reception?

I'll hazard a guess that there were a couple of drinks on hand at Sinn Fein's AGM of party members today in Dublin,judging by Gerry Adam's comments afterwards.
Either he was on the bottle or he takes us all for a bunch of fools.Let's analyse his comments:

"Us as a conduit has been abused by the government."

Conduit?I'll bet that was a joke used at the AGM! We all know Sinn Fein members lie on the Army Council.If not you then certainly your buddy Martin!

"The electoral mandate of the Sinn Fein party has been ignored."

Yes we know-by the IRA.Where do they get their mandate from?

"We remain wedded to our peace strategy."

Sadly this "peace strategy" involves an armalite as well as the ballot box...

"They(the governments) need to take their heads out of their asses for a start."

Can you believe this comment?This is a man who is going to deliver a United Ireland and long-lasting peace?I think not.Comments like these reflect the lack of tact within Sinn Fein.
They're just a bunch of thugs in suits.How disappointing that the nationalist community supports them...


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