Friday, February 04, 2005


Fun Irelander Feature-Bus Behaviour

I'm fascinated by the behaviour of people on buses.As someone who uses the buses regularly in Dublin I have come to the conclusion that we Dubliners must be some of the most anti-social people around.Whether you're standing at the bus stop or sitting down beside someone on the bus,the chances of you getting into a conversation with the person are slim to nil!
There are some things about people's bus behaviour that really irritate me!

I hate it when people start using their mobile phones.When I sit beside someone I don't like it when they whip out their phones and start texting people or conversing with their friends.
I don't do it!Why can't you strike up a conversation with me?I'm sitting right here!

I hate the posture of people on buses.Straight and upright with eyes always looking dead ahead.Are we a bunch of robots?I must admit I do this myself whenever I'm on the outside of the seat.You desperately want to look out the window just like the person who is at the window seat but,somehow you just can't do it!
There is one exception to this-when you cross over the Liffey.For some reason,we Dubliners cannot turn away from looking at the Liffey as we cross over it.Maybe it's a Dublin thing...

But now to my biggest gripe-people who move away from sitting next to you when a seat becomes available!
Picture the scene-you are sitting by the window when someone sits beside you.After a few stops the person in front of you gets off and what does the person beside you do?They go to sit down in the seat in front of you which is now vacant!This is rude!
Whenever this happens to me I take it as a personal snub!

It's clear that the behaviour of people on buses is perplexing.One of these days I am going to strike up a conversation with someone sitting beside me,I swear.
Hopefully they won't die of shock...


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